• Who are we ?

    Our story

    Blox is the leading earplug brand in Europe. It was founded by Tihon & Cie SA, a family-run business founded by Jean and Christiane Tihon in 1989.


    Initially providing hearing protection solutions for professionals, Tihon & Cie then entered the consumer marketplace by partnering with world-leaders E-A-R, with the aim of competing with Quies wax earplugs.


    Jean and Christiane Tihon have truly opened up the hearing protection market by providing alternatives to the range of outdated products already on the market.


    Motivated by the passion he inherited from his parents, Michel Tihon joined the family business in 2003 whilst he was still at college. It was Michel's modern touch that made the brand the success that it is today.


    After first expanding the range to include more specialised products (for swimming and flying, etc.) and making the packaging more colourful, in 2007 Michel decided to found the Blox brand and to reposition the product in pharmacies.


    Since then, Michel has been continued to expand the range so that it can meet consumer needs and keep up to date with innovations and trends.

    At festivals

    Which is why he found himself with a chair, a parasol and a "Blox" flag at his first festivals, promoting awareness of the dangers of excess noise levels to festival goers and organisers. Today, Blox is proud to be the preferred partner of several of the biggest festivals in Europe and worldwide.


    However, if it weren't for your continued support for over 30 years, we would not be where we are today, the leading hearing protection solution provider in Europe.


    Our team

    Almost 20 people are involved in the day-to-day running of the business, helping to provide you with quality products. We are committed to supporting you in your everyday activities and helping you live better. Hence, our slogan: Blox, life sounds better.

    Key figures

    • 1,500,000+ units sold every year throughout Europe
    • 16 products – the largest range on the market
    • 30 years of experience

    Key dates

    • 1989: Creation of Tihon & Cie SA
    • 2003: Michel Tihon joins the family business
    • 2007: The Blox brand is founded
    • 2015: Launch of the Xperience range
    • 2016: Launch of the Colors range
    • 2018: Launch of Blox Natural Wax
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    Tihon & Cie S.A
    Cours Saint Michel 30b
    B-1040 Brussels – BELGIUM
    +32 (0) 2 672 24 44
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